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Shad Hansen

Shad Hansen

  • Owner
  • shansen [at] fignow [dot] com

There is no one more genuine than Shad. He truly believes in the best of people and looks out for his family, friends, and clients. Shad is a people person and makes sure those he works with feel valued and are getting the best deal possible. He is honest and transparent in his work. Shad is dedicated to providing the best service and experience possible. Shad lives by the saying “variety is the spice of life.” He won’t be caught with the same drink or watching the same movie twice. He lives life to the max and can often be caught in a dad joke or silly pun. He turns even the worst of situations into a positive moment.

Shad loves agriculture, tractors, trucks, cars, basketball, and football. He enjoys hands-on projects and witnessing the fruits of his labors. On weeknights, you can find him in a gym playing pickup ball or playing in various basketball leagues in the area.

Shad is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing games and teaching his son & dog new tricks. He is a major “foodie” and enjoys trying various restaurants, foods, or recipes with his wife.

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